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Choosing a career is the most important decision of your life

Plan the career of your dreams with India’s only research-based career guidance and mentorship program

We endeavour to help young minds shape their career right from an early age so that they do not just have a job a few years down the line, but they have a fulfilling career, in which they will excel.

At CareerByDesire, we offer personalized career guidance, counselling and mentorship programs. Choosing a career is a conscious and deliberate process. It cannot be done in a span of days, weeks or even months. 

80% of Indian engineers are not fit for any jobs in the knowledge economy



The annual employability survey 2019 report by Aspiring Minds reveals that 80% of Indian engineers are not fit for any job in the knowledge economy.


Why Choose CareerByDesire? 

CareerByDesire was born out of the need to fill a specific shortcoming of standard career guidance and counselling services. Mainstream career guidance providers tend to adopt a mechanical approach when it comes to career counselling.  

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What we Offer

Comprehensive Year-On-Year Mentorship and Career Guidance Programs

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Year 1: UNWIND

This program is for students graduating from Class 10.

This is where we lay a solid foundation for career planning. 


This program is designed to help students in Class 11 remain focussed on their career goals as they become

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Class 12 and Beyond (Undergraduate and above  classes in any stream) can be an incredibly tough year for students and more so for competitive exam aspirants. 

Our Differentiators

Research-based  Guidance:

Our years of expertise in research has led us to believe that the job market is extremely dynamic and can offer exciting possibilities. Unfortunately, most of this information never ends up reaching students and parents in time.


Ongoing System of Mentorship, Monitoring and Motivation:

Think of choosing a career as a ladder. You have to climb the ladder gradually to get to the top. If you skip a few ladder rungs in a bid to reach to the top as quickly as you can, you risk falling to the ground. 

Personalized Counselling, Guidance and Career Excellence Program:

Standard career counselling and guidance programs can be impersonal and inadequate. Careers decisions can’t be based on a bunch of psychometric and aptitude tests and a handful of counselling sessions. 


The CareerByDesire Approach: 

At CareerByDesire, we adopt a wholesome approach to career guidance and mentorship. We assess the aspirations of both, the parents as well as students and attempt to bring them on the same page.  Our aim is to create an environment that allows students and parents to collaborate, align their expectations and arrive at a decision, through a process that is guided by a career counselling expert.

Our Process

Knowledge Expert Mentoring /Special Interest Group Association

We leverage industry expert experience to know reality about specific industry nuances

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Periodic Brainstorming/

We ensure clear visibility and   assured clarity on the chosen career choice

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Expectations Alignment:

Choosing a career is ultimately a student’s prerogative. 

Mentors and Partners

Our mentors are from leading India and International institutes, experienced industry professionals in their own domain, Educationist, Specialized training Centers, Sector Experts, Sr Government Officials etc

Our knowledge collaboration with

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Students Success Stories


Career by desire have helped my daughter apply to college with stellar grades and amazing statement of purpose. Industry Mentors and Career Experts were always available for conversation. Their all-rounder approach to improving problem solving skills and also personality has helped her become confident in interviews.


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